(I Am Everything And Nothing)

I make love to life,

I have no regrets.

All that will be left of me is my passion. All that will be remembered is my dance.

All that will matter is that I loved. All those things will travel on...

They will gallop on dusty roads of eternity into the hearts of those, who are brave enough to let go of fear, who will strip their souls raw and breathe passion into their veins...


I am grateful for everything and everyone that/who made me experience pain, suffering, anger, failure, struggle, death... Thank you! All those things brought me to me... to the core.. when all the layers torn away with meat, bone and blood, what remains is endless, unbreakable, powerful energy at it's purest form... It has no beginning and no end... 

Real true LIFE and LIVING begins on the other side of your understanding of this world and yourself.



Genius minds say “the conscious need is freedom”...

They all called me a fool, they said “wise up!”, “stop being a child!” “what is your purpose?”, “you have not yet yielded your mind, twisted your skin and bend your bones to the need”.

“What is the point of your life?” - I hear the echo behind my back.

My bleeding feet have danced to so many sharp edges and never hesitated before the jump. . .

Come meet me in the middle, somewhere above the abyss, walk towards me on the fragile string of wisdom and insanity, somewhere between everything and nothing, then look into my eyes and tell me I’m not free.

I give myself to the world without fear or regret — to give into passions with recklessness and without shame is the very soul of freedom.

To walk without seeking,
To see without judgement,
To hear without speaking,
To love without needing.

To leave only dust behind,
To be everything and nothing,
To leave without wanting to return,
To dive into darkness, sense the infinite and dissolve with the winds and silence.

Do I need you now? Will you seek me tomorrow? Will we ever be free?

I live in this moment and this moment is my whole life... Take it... its yours...

© Elena Levon. June 19 2019


Honor your soul above all else,

Speak your truth,

Live your passion.

What you nurture in yourself - you become.


7 colors sea, Colombia

7 colors sea, Colombia

I live and work on the road. Although I do have bases in Russia, Turkey, USA.

Traveled, lived and worked in 70+ countries and my feet have danced on 6 continents. I have dual citizenship with Russia and USA... (I know what you're thinking...)

Yes.. I'm a spy and this whole thing is only my cover. Actually I get this question asked a lot at the borders and dinner tables.


I Had the honor of working with many incredible artists around the globe. From amateur photographers/directors to legends.

I am a storyteller and a chameleon.


  Simplicity is the most priceless accessory. Beauty salons, diamonds and latest brands will never be able to save a woman, who has no passion for life.


© Elena Levon






For years now I travel and live in places with almost non-existent wifi connection...

(it's a wonderful life in a way : )

Right now this type of lifestyle makes it much easier to just publish one photo with a short story to Instagram, than trying to edit, upload media and publish a story in But whenever I have enough time and good wifi connection, I try to publish stories and photographs.




Rage, fear, emptiness and yearning. Yearning for what might be, but never will.

Yearning to escape the lie and to take off the mask.

To forget and disappear into our lust.

To feel, to learn, to forget and remember. The madness, the truth and the madness in truth.


Like a trapped wild beast, from one corner to the other, panting, raging, scratching and slowly dying with each kiss.

My solo swan song is tearing through sheets, clothes and air,

Running through darkness, with unforgiving shadows from my past, into despair.

Bewilderment and agony, hungrily smashed into our private ecstasy.


Private yet publicly laughed at, hidden, yet exposed to the core.

Sipping shame and devouring lust. Ashamed yet proud. Yes, shamelessly and fearlessly proud.

Proud of my wickedness and chaos. I’d rather die in ugly truth, than live chained to their lies.

Choices, chances, empty glances. Life is just an illusion? Yes, I know. it is…


But how do you travel from illusion into a dream? You, know, The Dream… Which road do you take?

I’d rather dream and never wake up, with eyes wide open or shut, while raising my cup full of blood.

What does Lucifer yearn for? Same things as me?

Through the drunken sleepless fog, I will try to remember and forget, forget that I have to wake up.


Forget that it’s only a dream, forget that none of this is real.

Succumbing to debauchery and raging against deceit. I invite you to my fearlessly naked Ball,

A man or a woman, come here and forget all that is wrong.

Forget your fears, let go of your pride and prejudice, which kills. Ravish me, burn with me, tango me, stare at me, scratch me and bruise me…


Don’t be afraid, remember – it’s only a dream…

But when you wake up, the truth might make you so ill, that it will drag you all the way up on a cross and kill.

I will cry for you and us, while driving the last nail into your heart. Don’t blame me,

Blame the dream and the yearning for it or me. Don’t be surprised… I told you; I’m driven by instincts.


Never by morals, sweet lies or gimmicks.. But by raw, primal, unattainable music within the dream.

You saw me without a mask, or maybe you just saw yet another one underneath the last…

The Ball is over, cut yourself away, slip on your mask, travel far,

Far away from me, dive back into the illusion and pretend that you’re free.


What do you yearn for, My Dear Mask? Same things as me?

I yearn for truth, for choking truth, within one moment.

I yearn to stand fearlessly naked, lost, vulnerable, with or without the hatred.

I yearn for our dream, in which you make love to my soul and take me far beyond the extreme.


I yearn to take off your Mask…

And for you, to just rip off mine

And forget…

at last…


06/1/2014 © Elena Levon