Photography, is not about finding perfection. To me, it’s about discovering the truth of every moment and then, diving right into it’s soul. Every person has a story and I consider myself very lucky when they share it with me, by looking into my camera.
— Elena Levon


This type of honesty you can only capture with people, who trust you. If people don’t trust you, as a person, you won’t be able to capture this type of magic. It is never about the camera... It’s about the person behind it, the one in front of it and the story that lives in the air between them.

Lens will always tell the truth...
— Elena Levon

The beauty of this journey called life, is not measured in things we collect.. it is measured in moments when we do things out of love.. in order to receive love, we must give love.. there is no other way. If you want to change outside, first you must change your energy inside.

Take responsibility for your own happiness and unhappiness. Tears and laughter come from the same place. I am grateful to this life for giving me so many hearts, who I can dance with. Life can be really cruel at times, but it is also so breathtaking.


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